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A Cut Above

Mobile Pet Grooming and Pet Spa

Your Mobile Pet Salon and Pet Spa!

Small breeds under 28 lbs.

Full body haircut with bath and hand dry-Start at $50 for spa and $75 for mobile

Final price determined by coat condition, length of time between last groom, length of coat, temperament of pet as well as location! 

Medium breeds 30 and up to 45 lbs Start at $65 for pet spa and $85 for mobile

Large breeds 46 to 55 start at $75 for pet spa and start at $90for mobile

Final price will be determined by size of pet, coat condition, length of coat, length of time between last groom, , temperament of pet as well as location

At  A Cut Above Mobile Pet Grooming and Pet Spa, your pets spa experience includes ears cleaned, nails clipped, anal glands safely expressed. Warm water baths, conditioner and double rinse, hand blow dry, light trim or full breed cut! Bows and bandanna upon request, coat conditioner spray, as well as lots of hugs and kisses finish it off! I require an electrical outlet to plug into as well as a flat place to park grooming van. Pet spa clients are on an individual time frame!

De-Shedding and Coat release treatment!

$25.00-$35.00 add-on depending on size of pet

Pets that are over grown or matted and require 2 haircuts and extra time will incur a $10.00 fee added to full groom. Overgrown is usually 12 weeks and over.

Pets that require extra brushing or dematting will be charged a brush out fee. Im always happy to show you how to take care of your pets coat in between appointments!

For more information-please text or call, Cell 270-978-3462.

I love meeting new people with their wonderful pets!